Collection: Mylands Paint

Established in 1884, Mylands is Britain's oldest, family-owned and run paint and polishes manufacturer. Mylands has been perfecting the art of fine, richly pigmented paints with real depth of colours for over 135 years in the hear of London. Long-lasting and tactile, Mylands' products transform spaced, enhancing every mood and style. Mylands have worked tirelessly to create paint with superior performance which doesn't cost (or damage) the earth.

Mylands paints are water based with a low VOC content, making them virtually solvent free; kind to you, your family and the enviroment both during and after application. Awarded A+ rating for French Interior VOC testing, the best rating possible. Formulated  to achieve easy application, almost odourless and quick drying times and easy to wipe clean. One of the last remaining manufacturers to still use natural earth pigments which makes them sumptuously deep and colour rich as well as eco-friendly.