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Mongolian Goat Hair Mix Carpet Rugs & Stair Runners

Mongolian Goat Hair Mix Carpet Rugs & Stair Runners

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Made in Ireland  80% Mongolian Goat Hair, 15% Nylon and 5% Viscose.

  • A very hard wearing, natural fibre, farmed at scale
  • A “straight” hair facilitating the ribbed, structured effect
  • “By-product” of another industry – Soft Cashmere
  • Trusted and high-quality supply chain delivering at the scale, quantity, consistency and quality required.

Width - 2m     Pile Height - 7mm    


It’s construction is unique due to the fusion bonding of the fibres and is extremely hard wearing which makes it ideal for high traffic areas such as stairs.

Due to the construction  it can be cut in any direction without fraying or unravelling Suitable for whole floor, custom rugs or runners.

Mongolian Goat’s hair is more durable that the hair of their European siblings due to their exposure to extreme temperatures. Basically, a tough life builds an even tougher carpet.

No animals are slaughtered for their hair. In fact, only healthy goats grow hair healthy enough to pass our quality standards

Dapple Grey, Double Cream and Silver Birch are Natural Undyed goat hair.

POA - Please email for quote.

50x50cm samples can be requested – Project Specific (Limited Stock).

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